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your favorite oc of mine 

10 deviants said Willow ref by Tallon90
7 deviants said Tess ref by Tallon90
2 deviants said Angel ref by Tallon90
sorry that it took so long it was incredibly hard to decide the winners and I wish I could give everyone a prize

for 1st place its :iconkiyoshyai: with
Willow WAT Contest by KiyoshyAi
who blew my mind with a willow cosplay I said be creative and she went over the top by dressing up and making a wig to look like one of my ocs this had to require alot of thought and work and for that she gets 1st
2nd place is :iconjamdart: with
Angel by Jamdart
with a great depiction of what angels room would have looked like she must have read the stories and found out that she likes to make clothes cause there is a manikin in the corner and if you look closely she even put her other entry hidden in the background so much is going on in this picture it is not just a simple pin up which is why she gets awarded 2nd
3rd place with :iconmafer:
In the room by Mafer
who has done their research on me and found out my favorite pokemon with jolteon and Tallon's love is haku wait are the girls watching my anime is tallon and hakus room haha great picture with a touch of ecchi

Side prizes
Best alternate outfit goes to :icondelacroixlegion:
Tess by DelacroixLegion
showing what tess might look like in a futuristic type setting great outfit I love the hair flowing in the wind great job
Most badass goes to :iconhandtailover:
Badass Tess by handtailover
what is more badass then not looking at explosions not only that but its so powerful that it blows her clothes off and doesn't move her not even burning her skin (that we can see) so this gets most badass
Cutest easily goes to :iconneko-no-te:
Willow's Summer by Neko-No-Te
I can't say much more my head is about to explode from the cuteness see for yourself
sexiest drawing goes to :iconkou-shibasaki:
PC: Angel and Willow by Kou-Shibasaki
there was plenty of sex appeal out there but not alot that kept the characters personalities though I do agree some people change in the bed lol I like this cause its a mixture of funny and sexy good job
most funny goes to :iconmrkillzo:
The Tallon Tough Girls. by mrkillzo
with his picture of the girls as powerpuff girls I never noticed how similar they were to the show you have the carefree jolly one the tough one and the smart beautiful one that gives the others orders I like this comparison it was really smart and I love it
best story won by :iconmerieth:
CE: W.A.T.Subspace|Triumvirate

Three years have passed since Tess and Willow moved in with Angel; life has been exciting as the three girls gradually became very close-- like sisters-- after living together for such a long time. Though their personalities are varied, when combined they are a force to be reckoned with.
Now that their lives and careers-- excluding Willow-- have become stable, they are planning to take a vacation to one of the world's most beautiful beaches. Angel has spent the last few days searching the internet for a classy resort and plane tickets, but when she checks her e-mail, she sees a strange message in her inbox...

SENDER: Unknown
"What's the deal with this? Spam getting into my inbox..." Angel sighed and went to delete the pesky spam-mail. When the message seemingly disappeared, a mysterious window was opened on her computer; next, her monitor went completely b

so much thought was put into making this story it is incredibly long and it shows merieth's view on how the girls stories would end you should give it a read sometime she even has side notes that tell more about the story cause it was too long to include them I love seeing and reading peoples views on my characters and I think this is one of the best examples

Honorably mentioned
these prizes go to pictures that were so close to making main prizes that I had to give them their own category congratulations to everyone
Facing The Horde by mortalshinobi
W.A.T Contest Picture FINISHED =3 by Toxitty38
WAT contest entry by PernaLonga10
Tess by iron-dullahan
Magic place by Kukunia92
Tess and Angel by keytaro

I'm so glad so many amazing people were able to enter my contest and I hope you will join me in the future as well if the winners will please note me their paypal info I will send the prizes as soon as I can


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Kukunia92 19 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

Here's your commish, I hope you like it~ 
Ay-u Apr 9, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
hey hey I know I have left still 2 comm, one Willow and one Haku :3
is it okay if I draw the Willow one in traditional? :3
Ay-u Apr 9, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
kk : D
so Haku too? :D
if thats the way you want it to work thats fine by me
Jesus bless you praying for u
Ay-u Apr 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Haku by Fayerin second gift<3333 : DD
how sweet thank you
Ay-u Apr 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
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